Topics Covered in The Book

Table of Contents

1 This book is about…
2 Introduction or “Why you need this book…”
3 Specific Types of Losses. 
3a Hurricane. 
3b Flood Loss. 
3c Fire / Smoke Loss. 
3d Hail Loss. 
3e Tornado – Terror from The Sky. 
3f  Earthquake Loss. 
4 Your Insurance Claim: A Call to Action! 
5 Documentation. 
6 Correspondence. 
7 Handling Phone Calls. 
8 Understanding Your Policy - Your Contract with Your Insurance Company. 
9 Your Deductible. 
10 Your Coverage. 
11 How to File Your Claim.
12 Your Duties after a Loss. 
13 Duties of Your Insurance Company after a Loss. 
14 Receipts and Expenses.
15 Your Property’s Contents. 
16 Review Your Damages. 
17 The Adjuster Visit: What to Expect. 
18 Understanding Your Adjuster’s Estimate. 
19 The Difference Between an Insurance Adjuster and a Public adjuster 
20 Loss of Use. 
21 Leverage and the Use of Experts. 
22 How to Supplement Your Claim. 
23 When Things Are Not Running Smoothly or There is a Dispute. 
24 Problematic Claims - Different Types. 
25 Dealing with Your Mortgage Company. 
26 Selecting a Contractor 
27 Mediation. 
28 Arbitration. 
29 Appraisal 
30 Statute of Limitations. 
31 Legal Recourse. 
A Note from the Author 
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