A hurricane, fire or flood can bring devastation.
Your property may have been affected and damaged.
But, you and your family don't have to be devastated. 
The information in this book can help.

Damage Checklists

About the Checklists:

No one knows your property as well as you.

It is crucial to properly document your damages.
In several chapters of my book, I stress the importance of creating and using damage checklist.

You can download and print these checklists on this page. SImply click on the download box and  save on your computer to print

These checklists can be used to: 
1) Determine where and how much damage you have
2) Present to your adjuster
3) Check you adjusters work
4) Give to contractors so that they are
bidding on the same scope of work 

Rick Carter
"I love what I do because it is all about helping people.
In a loss, people are under stress. "
"I want your loss fully paid, so you can get on with living."

Download Exterior 1

Download Interior 2 
Interior 3
Interior 4
Interior 5